miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

The Residenz - Gothic meets Fetish

El día 11 de Abril se celebra otra de esas fiestas que hacen de Berlín un sitio especial.

En este caso se repite la explosiva combinación “Gothic meets Fetish” en el club “The Residenz”.

Para los que no los conozcáis, “The Residenz” es una especie de Club / Hotel donde no sólo puedes disfrutar de una interesante velada sino quedarte a dormir, ya sea en una cómoda cama o en una no tan cómoda celda.

Personalmente he pasado unas cuantas noches allí abajo y la experiencia ha sido cuando menos diferente pues, es lo más parecido que conozco a estar encarcelado (por placer).

Si bien la gran mayoría de los asistentes serán germánicos, no tendréis problemas para desoxidar vuestro inglés y; para empezar, os dejo con el programa del evento.

"Gothic meets Fetish"

Black Style encounters black obsession Party at
the Residenz the 11th of April, starting at 10 pm.

Tickets and further information: www.stallwache.com

Worldchanger invites to dance and play within a sensitive, narcotic nigth

The special guest of the Avalon Residenz (older than 18 years) will be part of a night between heaven and hell with playing possibilities in Old School, Clinics or Boudoir-Style as well as in the cellarrroom of the hell.

The hearthaunting bar athmosphere will be supportet by DJ Monty.

Beeing welcomed by Champagne next to thr fireplace you will be offered a clinically inspired "Buffet" made of "life wild", different shows within the "World" as a midnigthritual OSTARA by the beautiful "Fräulein Frauke from Sweden" or the mindmoving perfomance by "Sinnliche
Magie" and a bizarr-artistic BodyPlay show done by the American Artist Xray Aims. Angel and devils will be guarding your play.

Please, "dress to impress" in the usual partyout (wardrobe will be offered).

We do not allowed the usage of cameras, but will arrange a professional photographer for your special evening shot.

The gothic souls can join for a smaller pocket-engagement the party as dancers of the nigthworld and enjoy the Gotenklang-DJ-Team (EBM, Dark Wave, Synthie-Pop, Industrial and Death Rock) until even the children of the night will be surprised....

OSTARA - "Bourlesque Eastern Bunny"

Show by Fräulein Frauke (Schweden)

Romantik Flight

Show by Sinnliche Magie (Berlin)

Body Play - Piercing Performance

Show by Xray aims (USA)

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